Defiance PvP | Pulling Rabbit from a Hat (Blue Blast, White Ranger)

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Toon Blast Exploit

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Defiance PvP | Pulling Rabbit from a Hat (Blue Blast, White Ranger)

Defiance PvP Shadow War Log – In this particular video, I come in really late to a online game where the other team is leading. We simply have a couple of minutes to even the scores, and hopefully lead. Can we do it? Watch this particular video and see 🙂

Defiance PvP | Pulling Rabbit from a Box (Blue Blast, White Ranger)

Weapons this particular match:
Blue Radiant Solstice Blast Rifle
White SS-2 Ranger

Hope you get pleasure in this particular video 🙂

“Play high. Stay high. Keep rolling. ‘Till next time.”


Server: NA

Toon: Alexandre Luna
Clan: Cronus

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*Read description 1st*

Doing Greninja’s Classic Mode run.

“Typing matches, one after another,” Palutena said. “Fitting to a Pokémon.”

“Or ANY Pokémon,” Viridi said.

Then the goddesses and the human exchanged glances, followed by blank looks.

Greninja tilted his head. “What is it?” he asked.

“Well…how can I place this particular delicately,” Palutena said.

“I can do that,” Viridi said. “Your route is sooooooooooooo lame and boring.”

The frog got angry. “L-lame?! It’s pretty cool!” he said.

“I think these people’re trying to say that your route is so extremely…compatible with any other Pokémon fighter,” Chris said. “…Really, your route is so basic.”

“Exactly,” Palutena said. “It’s pretty cunning to pretend some of the fighters could be Pokémon, but you should’ve gotten something else that befits you personally.”

Greninja crossed his arms. “Okay, like what?”

“Simple,” Viridi said. “You like sneaking around. Why not a route towards fighters known for stealth? Or towards fighters with a type advantage over you?”

“The whole point is to go away from basic routes, Viridi,” Palutena said.

“Oh. Right, right. But the 1st suggestion was the simply one I could think of.”

“Hmm, you make some fantastic points…” Greninja muttered.

“I have one,” Palutena said. “A route where the final boss is a Mega Charizard X.”

Chris grunted. “Palutena, we want Greninja to win,” he said.

Viridi snickered. “Wow. Talk about a massive Blast Burn there,” she said. “I didn’t know Palutena could go THAT far. I don’t do that out of respect to the Pokémon crew.”

Greninja was really confused. “What are you all talking about?” he asked.

“Nothing. You shouldn’t really know what we’re referencing. It’d…embarrass you,” Palutena said.

“Embarrass me?” Greninja wondered. “Why?”

“No, seriously. Don’t,” Chris warned. “I’m not a Greninja and even I was embarrassed seeing that.”

Greninja shrugged and sighed. “Whatever. Now I kind of want to get a new route fitting for me,” he said.

“Wait 10 years until the next gathering,” Palutena said. Greninja groaned. “It’s fine. That’s like a really small millisecond to me.”

“You say that, but it feels like an eternity…” muttered the ninja.

Key Notes:

Classic Mode Overview (repeated in every other character video)
– Unlike before, you will never start your difficulty at the maximum difficulty (9.9). The limit you can start is at 5.0.
– However, depending on how well you do in every fight, the difficulty will steadily increase. The truthors that contribute an increase are if you…
1) …finished the fight as quickly as feasible.
2) …didn’t stay place or mess around.
3) …actually managed to avoid damage altogether (meaning a perfect run, which doesn’t really guarantee an extra point).
– At best, you can get a whole point (or additional) added to difficulty. At worst, you get nothing. “Nice Plays” may just be compliments that usually are around 0.8 additions. Do your best to get to the end of the mural.
– Using tickets avoids losing difficulty, but in case the difficulty is still increasing, you’ll get a 0.1 increase if you win a match…and never reach 9.9.
– Oh, and you simply get ONE existence. Lose it, and you’ll either spend cash to continue while losing difficulty, make use of a Ticket without the drawback, or simply give up.
– Classic Mode runs for every character aren’t the same anymore. Instead of random setups, every character has a set path revolving around a theme. No differences will be made if you retry the same route.
– Moreover, the final boss may or may not be unique to every fighter. It may be Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand, but it can be someone else.

Greninja’s Final Boss
– The God-type Hands. Rely on Greninja’s speed to dodge blows, and be sure to have control of its Hydro Pump.
– Note the truth its Shadow Sneak attack seems to be buffed and can be make use ofd as a reliable killing move.

“Diddy gets unlocked?” Chris said.

“He’s a Monkey-type,” Viridi said. “They’re strong towards Fruit-types but weak towards Genius-types.”

“Are…are all those really new types?” Greninja asked, visions fully open. “Do I have advantages?”

“Sadly, you’re no sell to ’em,” Viridi said with a smirk.

“Oh, great. That’s so unfair!”

“She’s messing with you. They’re not real types,” Chris said. Greninja’s anger simply changed in motive.

“Ha ha! That flat head doesn’t have a brain in there, does it?” the goddess teased.

“At least the Blast Burn wasn’t as insulting,” Palutena said. “…No, no, wait. It really was really insulting.”

Watch, get pleasure in, and comment, everyone.