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Toon Blast Exploit

Toon Blast Exploit

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Look with regard to ways to make combos : Making combos must be a priority in early levels. very time you merge 5 or more blocks together, you unlock a powerful combo that can really help you clear some large obstacles.To do this, you need to look with regard to lots of blocks close to each other. In some cases you might have some blocks of the same color close to each other however not connected. If this is the case, look with regard to other blocks that can be cleared so that the just ones you need can merge. E Below is a rundown of all the combos and exactly exactly what they do. More discussion of how to best use these will certainly be covered in the higher level tips.
Rocket (5 cube combo) : 5 cubes together will certainly show a rocket on them. By tapping on them you create a rocket that can be used to clear horizontal or vertical blocks in the given row, depending on which direction the rocket is positioned.
Bomb : (7 cube combo) : when you get a bomb combo, this allows you to clear the 8 blocks surrounding the bomb you create.
Disco Ball (9 cube combo) : making this combo allows you to clear all blocks of the same color on the board. Super useful when the goal is to clear a specific color.
Try with regard to double combos : even more powerful than you standard combo and doubled combos. In general if I’ve made a combo, I try not to use it right away unless I need to. I look with regard to ways to make more combos close toby so I can merge them with regard to greater results. For example, a disco ball and a rocket combined will certainly place a rocket in each block that is the same color as the disco ball. This kind of proceed alone will certainly often clear a large portion of the game board.

After completing a level, you will certainly earn coins and other currencies. To get coins in toon blast, you can even make use of Toon Blast Cheats.

No Teleport, No Stealth Abuse, No Exploits, No Out-Of-Combat HealthRegen Chicken behaviour, NO Bullshit.
(Ultimate Tank 2.0)
Bleh, something to watch i guess. Anyone ripping off my toon (and there are plenty of poor knockoffs going around after my build went public), they knows where they get their shit.
I haven’t been on Champions in a while to make the x4 collossus video, iv already done it privately however iv just been so bored of champs, iv been on Firefall mostly lately.
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