My Toon Blast Stream! THE LAST ONE CRASHED :/

Toon Blast Fix

Toon Blast Fix

Coins Hack

Ryan Reynolds plays it..
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Toon Blast Level 335 No Boosters GAMEPLAY. Please leave a like and get your attention for more daily content.

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Work from the bottom : as a general rule, I always start looking for combos near the bottom of the screen instead of the best. Working from the bottom not only almost allows more new cubes in order to drop, you also have a greater chance of compressing cubes of the same color along with each other.
Think prior in order to you tap : Puzzle games are largely about thinking ahead 1 step. You’re first goal is in order to tap teams of bricks that are the color you need, but if a specific color you are trying in order to get isn’t available, look for different combos that, when removed, will pull along with each other the colored blocks you need. In the same way, if you have several teams of colored blocks you would like in order to clear, pull the 1s near the best of the screen first, so that you don’t alter their arrangement and ruin the combo.
To get coins and lives in in order toon blast, you can also create use of Toon Blast Cheats.

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