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PEGI 3 Genre : Puzzle . Toon Blast Level 9 Boosters Play : Oval Games . crazy cartoon globe starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear FUNNIEST CARTOON PUZZLE ADVENTURE . Subscribe : Toon Trip Episode 1 . Toon Blast Playlist
Don Taiga
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Please Note This canal and previous videos were known and labelled as Oval Games but for branding reasons i’ve had to change the canal to the name Don Taiga . Apologies For Any Confusion Made In Advance.
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Look for ways to make combos : Making combos should be a priority in early levels. very time you merge 5 or additional blocks together, you unlock a energyful combo that will can actually help you clear some big obstacles.To do this particular, you would like to look for lots of blocks near each other. In some cases you might have some blocks of the same color near each other but not connected. If this particular is the case, look for other blocks that will can be cleared so that will the simply 1s you would like can merge. E Below is a rundown of all the combos and what they do. More discussion of how to best use these will be covered in the higher level tips.
Rocket (5 cube combo) : 5 cubes together will show a rock and rollet on them. By tapping on them you create a rock and rollet that will can be used to clear horizontal or vertical blocks in the given row, depending on which direction the rock and rollet is positioned.
Bomb : (7 cube combo) : when you get a bomb combo, this particular allows you to clear the 8 blocks surrounding the bomb you create.
Disco Ball (9 cube combo) : making this particular combo allows you to clear all blocks of the same color on the board. Super useful when the goal is to clear a specific color.
Try for double combos : even additional energyful than you remainard combo and doubled combos. In general if I’ve made a combo, I try not to use it right away unless I would like to. I look for ways to make additional combos nearby so I can merge them for excellenter results. For example, a disco ball and a rock and rollet combined will place a rock and rollet in every block that will is the same color as the disco ball. This kind of move alone will often clear a large portion of the game board.

After completing a level, you will earn coins and other currencies. To get coins in toon blast, you can even make use of Toon Blast Cheats.


Video Rating: / 5