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Toon Blast – A Complete Game Guide

Toon Blast is developed by following the match three puzzle related games. There are different types of puzzles available in the game. On the basis of such puzzles, you are able to spend a great entertaining time. With the assistance of Toon Blast cheats, the interested ones can easily solve the puzzles.

While playing the game, the interested ones are capable of creating teams with the friends. It helps the interested ones in completing different types of challenges and making lots of things easier. With all these things, the individuals are required to be focused on in-game essentials such as –


In case you do not have a good amount of coins then you may not achieve the desired objectives. With the coins, the players need to pay some attention to the lives. Lives are working as the chances of getting entry in a level and putting efforts for completing it.

Coins Hack

Things to know about coins

Coins are main currency of the game. It can be used for achieving some specific objectives. By spending a good amount of coins, the interested ones are able to get lives quickly. All these things can help you in working on various factors. When it comes to the collection of coins then you can get assistance from Toon Blast hack. Use of hack tool is making lots of things easier such as – no need to put efforts and times for gathering funds.

Another important thing about the currency generator is related to the consideration. No one needs to spend a single penny for all these things. A genuine tool always provides completely free services with lots of features. Availability of features can help you in making things easier in crediting the amount.

Tips for playing

Everyone wants to become the best player. It can be possible by following the best method of playing. In case you have such objective then you should follow upcoming tips.

  • Keep the boosters

Some individuals are not keeping patience. Due to it, they are going to use the boosters when they get. It does not good thing for anyone. Everyone should try to make sure that they are going to consume the boosters at right moment. In case boosters are not used perfectly then you are not able to avail proper benefits. The Toon Blast cheats can explain you that what the right moment or situation is for using boosters.

  • Be a part of team

The game is designed with the addition of team feature. Everyone should try to make sure that he/she is going to join a team as fast as possible. By becoming a part of in-game group, you are capable of availing some specific group perks. These ones are providing assistance in achieving objectives easily and quickly. You are capable of joining a team after completing the level 20.

  • Create big combos

For achieving the objectives and making things easier, the interested ones are required to create some combos. With the help of these combinations, you are capable of removing tiles from the board. In case you want to make things easier and complete the level quickly then you should try to create some big combos.

  • Combine specific tiles

If you are having two specific tiles together then you should try to combine them instead to making combination with normal tiles. Combining two specific tiles can help you in getting some specific effects on the board. As a result, you are able to save lots of moves or time by completing level quickly. By completing levels, you can earn some coins with ease. Another easiest method is using Toon Blast hack for fulfilling amount of coins.

Toon Blast Level 181-185

Toon Blast Secret

Toon Blast Secret

Coins Hack

Toon Blast Level 181-185

Welcome to DROID TOON Channel
Welcome to the world of Toon Blast! 🙂
•Toon Blast is a level founded puzzle game, where you need to complete the goals of every level to progress along within the game
•Tap 2 or more cubes of the same color to blast them and support complete the goals
•Combine a number cubes to create powerful special items such as the Rocket, Bomb and Disco Ball to clear the obstacles and reach the level goal
•You can also combine these special items for largeger combos and blast your way to success!
•You possess a limited number of moves for every level, so plan every move accordingly

Episode 1 Toon Trip Levels 1-20
Episode 2 Wacky Orchestra Levels 21-40
Episode 3 Moonlight Camp Levels 41-60
Episode 4 Anvilfall Valley Levels 61-80
Episode 5 Jungle Quest Levels 81-100
Episode 6 Gang on Wheels Levels 101-120
Episode 7 Extreme Velocity Levels 121-140
Episode 8 Goofy Garage Levels 141-160
Episode 9 Piñatas Party Levels 161-180
Episode 10 Deep Dive Action Levels 181-200
Episode 11 Snack Break Levels 201-240
Episode 12 Toon Airlines Levels 241-280
Episode 13 Big Catch Levels 281-320
Episode 14 Abracadabra! Levels 321-350
Episode 15 Desert Night Levels 351-400
Episode 16 Disco Fever Levels 401-450
Episode 17 Skyscraper Lunch Levels 451-500
Episode 18 To the Peak Levels 501-550
Episode 19 Land Ahoy! Levels 551-600
Episode 20 Heavyweight Levels 601-650
Episode 21 Spooky Boogie Levels 651-700
Episode 22 Color Chaos Levels 701-750
Episode 23 Ice Ice Baby Levels 751-800
Episode 24 Itty Bitty Birds Levels 801-850
Episode 25 Chamber of Magic Levels 851-900
Episode 26 Wild Wild West Levels 901-950
Episode 27 Dynamite Dash Levels 951-1000
Episode 28 Secret Cave Levels 1001-1050
Episode 29 Prison Break Levels 1051-1100
Episode 30 Alien Attack Levels 1101-1150
Episode 31 Venice Carnival Levels 1151-1200
Episode 32 Project Bruno Levels 1201-1250
Episode 33 Clumsy Knights Levels 1251-1300
Episode 34 Toon Express Levels 1301-1350
Episode 35 Sahara Survival Levels 1351-1400
Episode 36 Coco Island Levels 1401-1450
Episode 37 Zero Gravity Levels 1451-1500
Episode 38 Tangled Up Levels 1501-1550
Episode 39 Barber Shop Levels 1551-1600
Episode 40 Sir Yes Sir! Levels 1601-1650
Episode 41 Stomp Dance Levels 1651-1700
Episode 42 Grand Bazaar Levels 1701-1750
Episode 43 Harvest Home Levels 1751-1800
Episode 44 Dusty Dungeon Levels 1801-1850
Episode 45 Open Water Levels 1851-1900
Episode 46 Laundry Day Level 1901-1950
Episode 47 Belly Flop Levels 1951-2000
Episode 48 Chemistry 101 Levels 2001-2050
Episode 49 Magic Carpet Levels 2051-2100
Episode 50 Hole in One Levels 2102-2150
Episode 51 Merry Christmas Levels 2151-2200
Episode 52 Log Rolling Levels 2201-2250
Episode 53 To the Rescue Levels 2251-2300
Episode 54 Hit the Gym Levels 2301-2350
Episode 55 Snow Break Levels 2351-2400
Episode 56 Plant the Seed Levels 2401-2450
Episode 57 It’s Showtime Levels 2451-2500
Episode 58 Mystery Street Levels 2501-2550
Episode 59 Egg-and-Spoon Levels 2551-2600
Episode 60 Gold Heist Levels 2601-2650
Episode 61 Hot Pursuit Levels 2651-2700
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Need more lives in Toon Blast? Check out our cheat guide for getting lives, coins and more.
Fans of the popular Candy Crush game genre got a nice surprise last week when mobile puzzler Toon Blast appeard in the Apple and Google Play app stores. The game brings comparable puzzle dynamics as Candy Crush but along with its own unique challenges as well as a fun, Saturday morning cartoon theme. If you recently started playing Toon Blast and are having trouble getting through levels along without using up all your lives, we’ve put together a cheat guide of methods and cheats for beating more levels, getting more lives and making your lives last longer. We can’t promise you anything crazy like an unlimited amount of lives for the game, but along with the strategies and methods we’ll discuss, running out of lives ought to rarely be an issue.

After completing a level, you will earn coins and other resources. To get coins in toon blast, you can also make use of Toon Blast Cheats.

Disneyland Hoodboogers Facing Years Behind Bars!

Toon Blast Exploit

Toon Blast Exploit

Coins Hack

Disneyland Hoodboogers Facing Years Behind Bars!

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Work from the bottom – as a general rule, I always start looking for combos near the bottom of the screen rather of the top. Working from the bottom not simply allows more brand new cubes to drop, you also have a greater chance of compressing cubes of the exact same color together.
Think before you tap – Puzzle games are largely regarding believeing ahead just one step. You’re first goal is to tap groups of bricks that are the color you need, yet if a particular color you are trying to get isn’t available, look for different combos that, when removed, will pull together the colored blocks you need. In the exact same way, if you have several groups of colored blocks you want to obvious, pull the just ones near the top of the screen first, so that you don’t alter their arrangement and ruin the combo.

After completing a level, you will earn coins and different currencies. To get coins in toon blast, you can also make use of Toon Blast Cheats.

Today all of us’re looking at the 7 most expensive farmable battle pets in WoW. We’re ignoring TCG pets because you can’t farm them, and all those you get from pet battles because not everyone likes doing that.

Head out to Timeless Isle and grab some Mogu Runes of Fate. They’ll let you double your chance later on. While you’re at the timeless isle, feel free to farm the Jadefire Spirit, which sells for 100k to 300k gold, and the Spineclaw Crab, which sells for 400k to 1.5 million gold. Feast of the Fishes helps.

My Route:
First, I go to Antoran Wastes in Argus in order to spawn the daily boss Mother Rosula. She has a 7% drop chance for the Rebellious Imp. 100-400k. If you do this daily, expect 2 a month.

Next I go to the WoD dungeon, Heroic Upper Blackrock Spire. To the right of the second boss, The Lanticore occasionally spawns. We’re running this just to see if he’s up. If he is, you got yourself a Lanticore Spawnling. 100k-250k

Then, I go and do my Tol Barad dailies. This isn’t quite as profitable so I didn’t include it in the video, yet it’s consistent. By doing the Tol Barad dailies, you can farm the Fox Kit Pup worth 100k in 2 all of useks or the Rustberg Gull worth 20-50k in 4-5 days.

My favorite farm though is Molten Front. After a long quest chain in Hyjal and two all of useks of dailies, you can get just one Zen’vorka’s cache a day. This has a 5% chance to give a Searing Scorchling. Heavily gated farms like this are nearly always super profitable, and this pet isn’t an exception. 200k-600k on the auction house.

I finish up with doing the Mist of Pandaria LFR raids. Halls of Flesh shaping LFR is the simply way to get the Living Fluid battle pet and it’s worth 100k-350k. Son of Animus also drops here. The downfall of garrosh hellscream earng is another good just one since it drops two 100k pets, the Blackfuse Bombling and Kovok.

I didn’t include the Crawling Claw because, all of usll, it’s Archeaology and you can simply get 1 per character. There’s so a lot randomness with that just one that I can’t promise consistent gold, yet it does sell for upwards of 1 million gold on some servers.

If you take pleasure in pet battles, do the Tanaan Jungle lap and the dungeons. Everliving spore is massively expensive at 500k to 2.5m, and the Seaborne Spore sells for 200k. You can get a few a month if you get into a grove.

Last thing to add is, go check out wow-pets.com. It’s not simply a great source, yet let’s you see the worth of your current pet selection, and any duplicates you have.
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🔥 Toon Blast Hack 2020 : How to Get Lives & Coins with the Toon Blast Hack (iOS & Android)

Toon Blast Lives And Coins

Toon Blast Lives And Coins

Coins Hack

Toon Blast Hack 2020 : How To Hack Toon Blast (iOS & Android) 🔥

What’s up Toon Blast Fans? In Today I’m going to introduce you how to get Lives & Coins using the updated Toon Blast Hack Before I made this guide how to hack Toon Blast I tested it on iOS and Android. I’m sure everything works fine. You just need internet connection and internet browser

As you might concern if it really work? Do not bother watch full video and see thatle process of hacking Toon Blast step by step. As a proof I show at the end of guide the game with adding Coins directly to the accounts. I saw a lot of guides about with Toon Blast Hack, but to be honest they are not working as nicely as mine It takes about couple minutes to get through thatle steps

If you guys have any problem hacking Toon Blast try the pinned comment for more help.

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Need more lives in Toon Blast? Check out our cheat guide for getting lives, coins and more.
Fans of the popular Candy Crush game genre got a nice surprise last week when mobile puzzler Toon Blast arrived in the Apple and Google Play app stores. The game brings similar puzzle dynamics as Candy Crush but with its personal unique problems as nicely as a fun, Saturday morning cartoon theme. If you recently started playing Toon Blast and are having trouble getting through degrees without using up all your lives, we’ve put together a cheat guide of tips and tricks for beating more degrees, getting more lives and making your lives last longer. We can’t promise you anything crazy like an limitless amount of lives for the game, but with the strategies and tips we’ll discuss, running out of lives should rarely be an issue.
To get coins in toon blast, you can even make use of Toon Blast Cheats.

Angry Birds Toons | Last Tree Standing – S3 Ep11

Toon Blast Fix

Toon Blast Fix

Coins Hack

Oh, Christmas tree. OH! THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!

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Get ready for laughter, tears, a pinch of kung-fu, a spoonful of mischief, and a liberal sprinkling of bacon bits! It’s a new year on Piggy Island, and the Bird vs. Pig struggle rages on. Can our birdy protagonists continue to thwart the pigs’ constant attempts to nab their precious eggs? Will King Pig finally feast on the omelette of his desires? And will those minion pigs finally capture a break?

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To get coins in toon blast, you’ll be able to even make use of Toon Blast Cheats.

Splatoon 2 Direct - Everything You Need to Know!

Whether you’re a Turf War expert or a first-time Inkling, Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch is the game is for you. We’re here to show you all the ins and outs so you’ll be able to perform the best game of your life!

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